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Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities


Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University


Our curiosity drives our understanding and learning of languages, history, and many cultures; it's also where you may hone your logical and practical abilities. Innovate, explore, and create in the varied, encouraging, and cooperative environment of the School of Arts and Humanities.

This philosophy is the foundation for our advanced courses, which enhance employability while offering top-notch student experiences and embracing global prospects. The social science and humanities cover a range of subjects crucial to developing human culture and creativity. They are supported by the most recent research and are rigorous intellectually. The goal of research and scholarly work in it is to better comprehend the human experience via literary and artistic works by interdisciplinary collaboration and creative inquiry.

Our courses provide you with the variety of abilities you'll need to transfer into the area you're most enthusiastic about, with an emphasis on innovation, discovery, and creativity. Whatever you choose to study, you'll be a part of a dynamic community characterized by top-notch instruction and research, a setting where posing challenging questions, feeling inspired, and developing original ideas are all common occurrences.

As a member of our 500+ student body, you will emerge as a talented professional prepared to work in India and international cultural and creative industries. Research-led teaching and outstanding support are offered across undergraduate and postgraduate study in Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Liberal Arts; Philosophy, Psychology; Social Sciences including Politics, Geography, Sociology, and Animal Welfare; English and Creative Writing.


We think that the humanities and the arts have a transformational power over our life. In response to a workplace that is becoming more diversified in terms of geography and technological advancement, our three schools encourage and support cooperation and access to specialized resources

We have assisted our students in pursuing their aspirations to work in the arts and culture, from winning honors to rising through the ranks of multinational organizations to becoming prosperous businesses.

The variety and caliber of our undergraduate and graduate programs make us proud. These programs are well known for offering students excellent learning opportunities with the help of our cutting-edge programs, you may acquire in-depth topic knowledge and future practical skills that meet and surpass employer standards. It involves elements that help define and express a particular group of people, such as history, art, literature, music, architecture, politics, and gastronomy.

Welcome to the Humanities Department, where students may study the past, consider how it influences the present, and consider novel future possibilities. Students in our courses examine diverse communities and cultures and their expressive forms from a range of critical vantage points. We are experts in interdisciplinarity, merging humanistic disciplines to train students to think critically and fight for social justice.

The Humanities curriculum helps you develop a more profound sense of self and respect for various human cultures and experiences. It does this by drawing from courses in literature, history, philosophy, religion, fine arts, and popular culture. You can explore complementary historical, cultural, and gender views by combining humanities studies with relevant subjects like history, philosophy, or women's studies.

You will be well-equipped to tackle your future lives and jobs as a Humanities graduate by making thoughtful judgments and taking accountable actions. Government and high-tech sector executives will value you for your:

Creativity and a broad range of abilities; aptitude for selling, relating to people, and teamwork; intellectual curiosity; and critical values Community and Professional Partnerships Our strategic alliances with academic institutions worldwide offer chances for staff and student exchange, dual degrees, and cooperative research. We are actively involved in research and knowledge sharing through our research centers, consultancies, public involvement, and the numerous exciting initiatives our academics undertake

Humanities: A humanities degree opens up various intriguing employment options for students, such as elementary or secondary school teachers, cultural consultants, communications managers, podcast producers, social media strategists, and digital collections archivists.

Social Science: We transform interests into successful professions by advancing the study of English, history, philosophy, and linguistics and building professional skills for jobs in journalism, museum and heritage development, creative writing, and English language teaching.

Mansarovar Experience

We take great pride in the fascinating and creative learning opportunities we provide for our students, our internationally recognized research excellence, and our thriving research culture. Beyond the classroom, there are opportunities for job experience, outdoor projects, volunteer work, field excursions, study abroad, and international exchange — genuinely engaging experiences. There is practical training in conjunction with business partners for taught courses and direction, support, and inspiration for research

Our professors are not just devoted teachers but also productive researchers who make significant contributions to a high-impact research environment. Our faculty performed well in the Research Excellence Framework, particularly in history, psychology, theology, and religious studies.