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How Does Pursuing an MCA Program Help You in Achieving Your Career Goal?

MCA Program

How Does Pursuing an MCA Program Help You in Achieving Your Career Goal

In the year 2022, the IT industry contributed 7.4% to the GDP of India. And, in the era of information technology, the MCA degree holds great importance, not only because it opens the doors to attractive career options but this degree also helps students improve their technical proficiency. If the IT field excites you and you want to know more details about how this MCA program will help you achieve your career goal, then read this blog.

MCA Program- Overview

Master of computer application is a post-graduate program and is suitable for students who wish to have a deeper understanding of computer applications. In this course, students learn about computer architecture, application software, and operating systems. This course also provides an opportunity to learn various tools of computer applications. In India, certain colleges offer BCA, and MCA courses separately, whereas there are certain BCA MCA integrated course colleges that offer an integrated course that you can complete in 5 years.

Who Should Study the MCA Course?

  • Students who look forward to working in the IT industry.
  • Professionals who want to take up higher job positions in the company.
  • BCA graduates who want to take up post-graduate programs.

Eligibility Criteria

The prerequisites for the MCA programme are mentioned below.

  • Applicants must have completed a BCA or an equivalent programme with an overall grade of a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Students will be given admission on a merit basis.

MCA Course Duration and Fees

Course duration Course Fee
2 years divided into 4 semesters Approx Rs. 40,000 Per Semester

How the MCA Program Will Help you in Achieving Your Career Goal-

The main aim of an MCA graduate is to make a successful career in the IT field. Whereas some students also choose to enter the management field. We have listed some of the advantages you will get by studying MCA program, that will help you gain a job of your choice

Technical Training

In the MCA course, Students get a thorough understanding of the internal and external operations of computer programmes, and they learn cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning which help them in advancing their careers in the IT industry.

Added Advantage

In the competitive world, you should never refrain from upskilling. And MCA is a great degree course to upskill your knowledge in computer science applications. Having a master’s degree will give you an added advantage over your competitors at the time of recruitment.

Work Stability

Nowadays, the global market has become volatile, and leading organizations in the industry are doing mass layoffs. And, at this time having an MCA degree will make you a more skilled professional, and an important part of the organization which will enhance your chances of stability in the organization.

Help you in Getting a Management Role

Through the MCA course, you will inculcate many skills such as communication skills, organization skills, creative skills, analytical skills, and technical skills that will help you gain management roles in IT companies.

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Organizations that hire MCA Graduates-

Government organizations TCS
ISRO Approx Rs. 40,000 Per Semester
RBI Tech Mahindra
BARC Wipro

High pay Package

As you will upskill your technical knowledge during the course, you will be eligible to get high pay packages from the above-mentioned companies. Also, as compared to a BCA graduate, you will be entitled to receive a higher pay package.

Reasons to Choose Mansarovar Global University- One of the Best Colleges for MCA in India

  • The MCA course curriculum at MGU is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Experienced faculty members that provide significant knowledge and guidance to the students.
  • Students will be allowed to practically learn the concepts in computer laboratories and labs.
  • Throughout the career various activities are organized by MAANAS, a career development cell of the Mansarovar Global University to ensure students are ready for the industry.
  • Various seminars, expert guest lectures, and conferences are conducted to enhance students’ knowledge about the industry.
  • Campus placement drives are conducted to ensure the employability of the students.


There will be a huge demand for MCA graduates in the near future due to India's IT industry's rapid advancement, the emergence of disruptive technologies, and major foreign investment in the field. The MCA course will help you gain a significant position in this industry. And to achieve technical acumen and significant skills, register yourself for a course at thebest MCA colleges.


1. Can we join MGU without an entrance exam for the MCA course?

Yes, you can. As admission at MGU will be granted based on BCA scores, it is not mandatory to give the entrance exam for MCA.

2. What are the subjects taught in the MCA?

The core subjects taught in the MCA are-

  • Computer Programming with C
  • DBMS
  • Discrete Mathematical Structure
  • Software Engineering & TQM
  • Unix and Shell Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java
  • Operation Research & Optimisation Techniques

3. What are the other courses provided by Mansarovar Global University in the field of computer application?

MGU also provides a Bachelor of computer application, a Diploma in computer application, and post graduate diploma in computer application with the MCA degree.

4. Which degree course is the best after MCA?

MS in computer science is one of the most popular degree courses after MCA. Other than this you can also pursue an MBA, M.Sc, and short-term certification programs.

5. What are the skills required by MCA graduates?

The skills required by MCA graduates to have a fruitful career in the IT industry are as follows-

  • Programming skills and experience
  • Strong technical skills
  • Programming languages such as c, c++, .Net, etc.
  • Communication and behavioural skills
  • Updated with new technological trends.