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Are you interested in technology, Engineering, IT and/or trades and you want multiple options to explore? Then, Faculty of Engineering and Technology is for you! Students can take courses and explore career paths in over four areas and connect to many experts about career options in this high- demand career sector.

The Engineering and Technology Faculty (FET) is a vibrant, innovative, and creative faculty. Our research vision and strategy, which aims to solve the various, complex, and demanding issues facing today's society, rely heavily on multidisciplinary research. It provides you the chance to learn about the many career options in IT, design, engineering, advanced manufacturing robots, and skilled trades like plumbing and welding. Considerations for professions include network administration, website management, and computer programming. It teaches you how to create and implement cutting-edge technologies that power the majority of businesses and governments throughout the globe.

All aspects of modern life are supported by technology advancing at breakneck speeds. Major scientific advances that would have a wide influence on society would have been made throughout our lifetime.

Our goal is to empower our students to contribute to the creation and application of modern knowledge and technological advancements to impact the world positively.

This program is for you if you are interested in:

  • building a strong foundation for future study in applied technology
  • learning new digital fluency skills every employer and job requires
  • strengthening your math and communication skills
  • taking a variety of courses to help you discover many career options in technology, IT, engineering and/or the trades

Students who successfully complete all courses may qualify for acceptance into some of Mansarovar Global University’s engineering programs such as: Architectural Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Computer and Network Support Technician, Electrical Engineering Technology, Engineering Technology, and Sustainable Energy and Building Technology.

The Mansarovar Global University Advantage

Making Knowledge Work through world-class interdisciplinary teaching and research that develops talented, adaptable, and job-ready graduates within a distinctive student community with the knowledge and skills to make a difference is our vision for influencing strategies and solutions that address global challenges.

To meet the demands of business, the environment, and health and well-being agendas, the faculty offers a stimulating blend of fundamental engineering disciplines and innovative technologies that work well together. We provide stimulating and cutting-edge instruction that fosters a sense of inquiry, realism, responsible leadership, and citizenship. We do and distribute research that exploits the advantages of cutting-edge engineering while adhering to sustainable principles, all within a framework that supports improved health and wellbeing fosters sustainable economic growth, and provides low-impact solutions.

Our postgraduate research programmes benefit greatly from the world-class research facilities, experienced technical personnel, and external funding sources that support a large portion of our research activities, including Research Funding Councils, the EU, and industry.

We work closely with other academic and research institutions worldwide and welcome research visits worldwide. Specifically, you will explore career options guided by expert faculty while taking courses that you can transfer for potentially fewer courses in your next program. Plus, the program will provide you with the opportunity to strengthen your math and writing skills while also exploring computer networking, digital electronics, engineering graphics and many other options.

In addition to getting the educational background you need for a technology related program, you will be in small classes and labs where you receive individual attention and support.

You will have an academic advisor who will help you in the transition to postsecondary studies, assist you in making academic decisions, introduce you to the many student services available at the college, and guide you through the application process for your target program.