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Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University


You may learn for your job with the help of Mansarovar Global University. Numerous postgraduate learning possibilities for nurses are available through our Continuous Professional Learning department, including diplomas and specific courses. Our doctoral program is designed for dedicated mid-career and senior professionals working in all branches of training, education, and allied sectors.

It pledges to satisfy the demands of researchers who wish to study at the highest level, whether they work in education or other sectors, as an established center for excellence in many facets of education. You will receive help from this flexible Ph.D. while you navigate the difficulties of doctorate study and research. Your teaching and doctoral supervision teams have professional and intellectual backgrounds in educational research. We anticipate that you'll devote time to activities outside of lectures. This covers going to the education lecture series and doctoral weekends.

Mansarovar Experience:

You will have a personal tutor throughout the taught phase who will assist you in adjusting to university life and some of the program's requirements. We offer you a doctorate program at the cutting edge of academic and professional practice and comprises taught coursework and a thesis that is closely monitored. Our curriculum is tough yet flexible, and it's meant to help you overcome the difficulties of Ph.D. study and research. Your dissertation will be the subject of your attention during the thesis period. Your skilled supervisory staff will assist you with this.Through seminars and a dissemination module, our curriculum also includes embedded chances for enhancing research presenting abilities.