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How To Make a Career in Interior Design?

Among the answers to your question, "How do I start a career in interior design?" you will discover earning a relevant degree is the best course of action. And, to help you achieve your desired outcome, Mansarovar Global University in Bhopal offers a Bachelor of Interior Design/Fashion Design degree.

Through this degree, you can apply for various roles, especially when the Indian interior design market is expected to reach USD 52.84 billion by 2029.

Interior Designer

Course Highlights

For some key information about the Bachelor of Interior Design/Fashion Design Degree of Mansarovar Global University, please refer to the following table:

Level of Education Undergraduate
Course Name Bachelors in Interior Design/Fashion Design
Course Duration 3 years
Mode of Examination Yearly
Selection Procedure Merit-based

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll in Mansarovar Global University’s Bachelor in Interior Design/Fashion Design course, you must meet the following interior design course eligibility:

  • 10+2/equivalent from a recognized boar
  • Score at least 50% minimum aggregate in the 12th grade. However, the reserved category candidates will be subject to some relaxation.

Interior Design: Career Prospects

When searching for if interior design is a good career, you will come across a multitude of responses. But, it's up to you to pay close attention and comprehend which ones are greatest for you. And, through an interior design degree, you can investigate prospective scope in different creative domains.

For your understanding, we have outlined below some of those career prospects:

Residential Designing

Residential design is one of the popular careers for interior designers. And, primarily it necessitates that you concentrate on designing aesthetically beautiful and cozy areas for people and families. You also need to focus on creating personalized rooms, flats, and houses according to the needs and tastes of clients.

Commercial Designing

Creating usable rooms is a need for those working in the commercial interior design field. Additionally, you will be required to work in commercial settings such as workplaces, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores within such career opportunities for interior designers. And, to increase output and profitability, you will need to place a strong emphasis on branding, customer experience, and optimizing space usage.

Healthcare Designing

You've undoubtedly heard that healthcare settings need to be designed with a special approach. For this reason, you have to put the needs of your patients and functionality first in this line of work. Additionally, working with medical specialists to create efficient and calm spaces that improve patient outcomes is a common requirement for such career paths for interior designers.

Hospitality Designing

Restaurants, lodging facilities, and resorts are all part of the hospitality sector. Therefore, you must know how to take advantage of multiple interior design opportunities in this sector. And, to deliver exceptional visitor experiences, this industry requires you to strike a balance between luxury and utility.

Sustainable Designing

As the importance of sustainability grows, interior designers have the option to concentrate on eco-friendly design techniques. And, as a sustainable designer, you must concentrate on utilising energy-efficient technologies and ecologically friendly materials. You can also encourage healthy living environments through this line of work.

Set Designing

While looking for something more creative, you can pursue a profession in set design. Moreover, after completing an interior designer course, you will have countless chances in the entertainment sector. Most importantly, your skills will be useful in producing engaging, authentic, and creative settings for plays, movies, and television shows.

Exhibition Designing

You can focus on making visually arresting exhibits if you become an exhibition designer. Importantly, you will be able to design for public spaces like galleries, museums, trade exhibits, and other venues. Your in-depth knowledge of the ways that storytelling and design can captivate and inform audiences is essential for this Bachelor of Interior Design job path.

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Light Designing

Any space's ambiance and functionality can be greatly enhanced with the right lighting. Consequently, you must collaborate closely with architects and interior designers in your role as a lighting designer. Most of the time, this line of work involves designing imaginative lighting schemes that elevate architectural details, change an area, and create an atmosphere.

Corporate Designing

Following your interior design Bachelor Degree, you can get into corporate interior design. Mostly, designing office environments that promote output, teamwork, and worker well-being is crucial for those in this line of work. And, to optimize workplaces and develop settings that maximize worker pleasure and productivity, you can also collaborate with huge organizations.

Retail Designing

Your responsibility as a retail designer includes designing aesthetically pleasing, and useful store layouts. Therefore, as part of your course about interior designing, you must learn how to draw clients and maximize your purchasing tactics. Your grasp of customer behavior, brand identification, and efficient space utilization to boost sales are additional requirements for this professional path

Furniture Designing

A career in furniture design might be pursued if you have an ardor for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. This job path typically involves your creation of original, useful, and visually beautiful furniture. Hence, complementing general interior design strategies is something you will need to grasp throughout the interior design course details.


As a qualified interior designer, you have the option to launch your own design companies or provide consulting services. This profession typically lets you work on multiple projects, and explore further creative freedom. You will have a great deal of autonomy over how to establish your brands, oversee your clientele, and steer your career.

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Interior Design: Career Advantages

Obtaining the qualifications needed to be an interior designer, and delving into the profession will offer you the following benefits:

Growing Demand

Because of its growing demand, the interior design field has boundless opportunities for you.

Creative Library

This can provide you with an incredible amount of flexibility to explore your ideas and creativity at a much higher level.

Job Satisfaction

It can provide you with great delight by assisting you in realising your creative vision.

Work Lifestyle

Another respectable advantage about interior design course prospects is the ability to work from home, depending on your level of flexibility.

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Summing Up

With the help of this blog, we wish to help you better grasp the wide range of career prospects available to interior design experts, many of which can accommodate both your professional and personal development. Additionally, a career in the interior designer can allow you to consistently develop your talents and make a lasting impression on the spaces you create, whether you choose to specialize in a certain area or explore a variety of professions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is interior design a good career?

    If you are passionate about creativity and aesthetics, a career in interior designer can be extremely rewarding.

  • Is interior designing hard to study?

    Since interior design demands commitment and meticulousness, studying the same will be enjoyable and difficult at the same time.

  • Is interior design a stressful job?

    A career in interior designer, like any creative field, will inevitably involve stressful moments, but the fulfillment of creating truly unique homes can make your effort worthwhile.

  • Is interior design in high demand?

    Due to the growing emphasis on creating rooms, which are both aesthetically pleasing and useful, you will find a career in interior designer to be in great demand.