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Career Options After LLB

career options after llb

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Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB) is a graduate-level degree in the field of Law. It is a three-year course, completed in correspondence with internships and training to develop mature lawyers who interpret the law and conduct judicial proceedings in our country. LLB covers legal principles, laws and regulations, corporate governance, and legal procedures. For an LLB graduate, the world is an open field, from corporate firms to government organisations, a newly minted lawyer can sway either way. There are tons of career options that open up after completing the LLB course.

Here are the best career options after LLB


Out of the many opportunities after LLB, advocacy is the most recognized profession chosen by LLB graduates. Practising law is the major motivation behind getting the degree, and the majority of law graduates end up working as a lawyer. There are several ways to be a lawyer. The students can either work in courts, become public defendants, or start their personal practice.


A legal advisor is a highly sought after profession. Private companies, firms, and banks keep multiple advisories as retainers for years. The main role of a legal advisor is to provide critical counsel and untangle the complex web of laws and rules that encircle our daily lives. Legal advisors are also required in NGOs, government organizations, and other ventures. If you have a great grasp of the law but do not like litigating in an open court, then legal advisory is the best profession for you after completing your LLB.


Another great option after LLB is teaching law in a college or university. The passion for teaching shouldn't end after earning a fancy law degree. You can return to school and train an entirely new generation of students as soon as you finish your LLB. Graduates with appealing teaching abilities and academic skill sets are a great find for any university.


One of the best career options after LLB is that of Legal Analyst. Legal analysts are law experts who work in finding the loopholes and trajectories of laws. They must have a practising law license but can work in the shadows. Legal analysts break down heavy arguments and build coherent and resourceful counters. Moreover, they also assist in drafting legal documents and writing briefs for their superiors. The skill which is required to be a great analyst is the grasping power of the law and the ability to interpret it in many ways. LLB graduates can find good-paying jobs as legal experts after graduation.

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A legal researcher is responsible for doing the deep and strenuous work of research on legal cases. The work is mostly behind the curtains, the researchers never get their limelight, but their work is the bedrock of many important cases. The lawyers for high-stakes cases need an army of researchers with them at all times. Researchers are the ones who do the hard work and score out enough material for the lawyers to play with. One of the top jobs after LLB is that of a researcher. If you have impeccable research skills, and a knack for this deeply challenging and strenuous work, then this profession is suitable for you.


Students can take government exams and advance themselves for government positions right after completing their LLB. LLB students are eligible to take the Indian Legal Services exam for various posts. The legislative department and the legal affairs committee oversee these exams, and the students can get a job under the Public Service Commission. The scope after LLB widens, if you are preparing for government exams such as UPSC, or any other crucial exam. The deal also includes an opportunity to join the legal affairs in the government's official department.


Corporate firms are one of the biggest employers of young lawyers in any sector. Thousands of attractive jobs open up every single year for the candidates, and LLB graduates are the first in line to grab these amazing jobs. With an LLB degree, you can take upon an array of career options. With a variety of options within it, Corporate Counselor is one of the top career options after pursuing LLB. Every industry requires professionals who come from the management field. MBA after LLB (BA LLB / B.Com LLB) will create a variety of career opportunities for you, it will help you understand commercial laws in a better way.


A lesser-known career option after pursuing LLB is Company Secretary. The combination of LLB+CS is an extremely attractive prospect that makes you a desirable candidate for any firm to hire. Having both qualifications is not necessary, but it will definitely be of help for you. Besides the financial benefits, the experience is also valuable after you get the job.


Legal writing is a tough task that requires the due diligent work of experts. There are many lawyers who are great at making arguments, but sometimes they fail to make drafts that fulfill the condition. Legal writers are highly required in the high courts and in the supreme courts. The economy of these jobs is tricky, and the demand has never been higher. This particular field has not got its due importance till date, therefore not many people have got into this domain. However, in recent times people are understanding the potential of this field and are becoming a part of this.

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Studies after LLB:LLM

Once you have completed your graduation but are not interested in entering the job market, then getting a Masters in Law is the best option for you. An LLM offers you a chance to specialize in one particular aspect of the law. Expert knowledge is of great value to recruiters these days. Precision on a single topic makes you a hot prospect for any business. A better position and a better package awaits you at the other side of a master's degree.

The Best Colleges for LLM are


NALSAR offers a one-year postgraduate LL.M. diploma in specialized sections of law. The admissions are done through CLAT scores and the collective performance of LLB. NALSAR also offers PG Diplomas in Patents Law, Media Law, Cyber Laws, and International Humanitarian Laws.


Mansarovar Global University offers one of the best postgraduate law degrees in the country. The programme lays emphasis on some key areas of law that have been opted by the candidates. The course offers education regarding the trademarks and trademark law practices in India and globally. Candidates enrolled can learn about various different international treaties, agreements and conventions.


ILS offers multiple PG programs and a study abroad year to its post-graduate students. In conclusion, The completion of LLB can be the start of a new chapter in your life, but settle yourself for the conventional paths. There are tons of career options available to pursue after LLB course. You can also upskill yourself by getting a masters in a specialized area of law.