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Can I Become A Lawyer After BA LLB?



Lawyers support national law and defend the legal rights of their clients. In terms of future earnings and professional satisfaction, a law career can be rewarding. You can decide if becoming a lawyer is a smart career choice for you by learning about the responsibilities of a lawyer and the process of becoming one. In this post, we cover how to become a lawyer and the top BA LLB colleges in India.

Scope Of BA LLB

This degree is the one that applicants who wish to work in law, pursue. The course covers the fundamentals of both a BA and an LLB, which gives the students an advantage as they can choose to pursue professions in law or work in the business while specialising in the arts. As a result, this degree aids in your preparation for both works in a variety of legal-related sectors as well as entrance to the Bar Council.

The BA LLB has a very broad reach. You can practise law anywhere in the world if you have a BA LLB degree. Therefore, those who desire to practise law as a profession should always consider a BA LLB.

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Job Opportunities for a BA LLB

Law Clerk

A judge's or a lawyer's assistant is a law clerk. A law clerk is an attorney and may focus on a particular field of law (such as tax or corporate law). A research assistant who helps a judge administer justice is a law clerk. A law clerk must conduct extensive studies and write numerous documents.

Litigation Lawyer

The role of a litigation lawyer varies in which area the individual is practising. The cases litigation lawyers handle are civil, criminal, and administrative matters. A litigation lawyer's job is to comprehend what must be done to resolve a conflict.

Legal Advisor

A legal expert who advises on legal matters which are related to business and its transactions. They will not take decisions on behalf of the business but they must present all the relevant pros and cons of business actions.

Legal Analyst

Organisation’s employee who conducts analyses and research on legal papers and cases is known as a legal analyst. The legal analyst can comprehend and describe all the concerns about the law and its applications.


One who works with attorneys rather than individual clients. Their work is to assist and help the attorney with legal work.

Criminal Lawyer

As the name suggests, these lawyers take cases related to crime. Their goal is to defend their client in the courtroom and to save innocent people from fake or wrong accusations.

BA LLB colleges in India

Out of the top BA LLB colleges in India, we have shortlisted MGU. Let's Know about this institution in detail.

Mansarovar Global University

One of the prestigious universities in Madhya Pradesh, Mansarovar Global University is located in Sehore, MP. This University was founded in the year 2018 by Sri sai Gramothan Samiti, Bhopal.

About BA LLB Course

It’s a professional degree and an integrated course of 5 years. Through a case-based study environment, you will learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and oral and written advocacy.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You can pursue BA LLB after completing your 12th from any stream.
  • Minimum 50% aggregate in class 12th.

Skills required for BA LLB

  • Analytical skills
  • Research skills
  • Convincing skills
  • Time management
  • Confidence
  • Presentation

Topics covered in the BA LLB course

  • Employment Law
  • Contract and tort law.
  • Administrative tribunals- Rules and process
  • Residential landlord and tenant law.
  • Small claims law.
  • Provincial offences and summary convictions.

Why Choose MGU

  • Experienced and trained teaching staff.
  • An open, experimental, and risk-taking law programme
  • Contests and activities are organised by the students to learn the concepts practically.

How To Become Advocate after LLB?

Clear All India Bar Examination

To be qualified to practise law in India, law graduates must pass the All India Bar Examination (AIBE), according to government regulations. Every year, this exam is held by the Bar Council of India, and all applicants must register in advance. You must enrol as an advocate with a State Bar Council to qualify to appear for the All India Bar Examination.

Gain Knowledge

Once you have passed the AIBE, you are authorised to work as an advocate. Now, you can start your independent law practice or look for employment as an associate advocate with a law firm.



The most direct route for future attorneys and lawyers is a BA LLB degree. Although a legal degree has a vast range of applications, you should choose the field of law in which you want to thrive. This could be a fantastic place for you to begin your career. Even though it is a very competitive industry, law firms can provide several advantages. After earning your degree, you can continue your education in law at one of the many institutions that offer master's and doctorate programmes. This will enable you to advance in the legal profession. However, you must pass both the Bar Examination and the Bar Preparation Course offered by the Bar Council of India if you want to practise law. Following graduation, you may pursue several careers, including those of legal counsellor, attorney, advocate, legal practitioner, judge, and arbitrator. And if you complete your BA LLB from an Institute such as Mansarovar Global University, it will help you find a job role in a reputed organisation.