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Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University


The Facuty of Arts and Design at Mansarovar Global University allows you to explore many artistic media and create portfolios for admission to further education. With thorough instruction in contemporary visual arts inquiry fundamentals within a diverse studio setting, broaden your horizons. Learn more about your creative potential, abilities, and future in the art industry. You will find a supportive community of creatives who all have interesting tales to share. You will prepare for success making meaningful contributions to the arts. You'll stand out, influence change, and stimulate creativity.

The College of Fine Arts affirms that both an individual's and a community's lives depend on the arts. Through dedication to education, academic research, creative experimentation, performance, outreach, and exhibition, we demonstrate our commitment to the arts. This curriculum blends visual art abilities across various mediums and is intended to inspire you to experiment with a wide range of methods and ideas. As you gain essential insights into the art world, you will collaborate closely with experienced faculty from various creative industries on developing novel approaches and enhancing your strengths through a variety of painting, drawing, photography, digital design, video, animation, and fine art classes. You will master various artistic disciplines in just two semesters while developing strong visual literacy and creative abilities.

Mansarovar Experience:

Using the skills you've learned, you'll build a portfolio to support your employment or prepare you to enroll in relevant programs at Mansarovar Global University and elsewhere. The recently built Mansarovar Global University Art Commons was created to encourage inventive cooperation and experimentation.The adaptable facility enables Art Foundation students to design, produce, and display art in one location.

Thanks to the open layout, a contemporary studio with lots of natural light is possible. The fundamental idea of transformability served as the basis for designing the space. Any collaboration space may be created out of four huge multipurpose rooms spread across two levels depending on the need.


Your initial step towards a career in the arts is provided through the Art Foundation certificate programme. Generalist training in various art facets will provide a foundation for further study or entry into the workforce.

Web design, multimedia design, animation, advertising, and graphic design are a few possible topics you might focus on.


With a curriculum incorporating art history, contemporary practice, involvement with local organizations, and speeches from visiting artists, you will be given various creative challenges every year. You will spend around 70% of your time in the studio developing your creation and expression, creative risk-taking, experimentation, and development abilities.

Join a creative community with a great diversity of cultures where teaching and learning go beyond the classroom to a network of top artists and participate in public events and exhibitions.

You'll combine studio work, theory, critical engagement with culture and society, and artistic practices in your studies. By examining topics like diversity, identity, and art activism, the course answers the needs of the modern, international design industry and invites you to participate in contemporary practice.

As an artist, you'll also learn various transferable skills, such as initiative, self-motivation, resourcefulness, excellent written and verbal communication skills, the capacity to work independently and collaboratively, and the capacity to reflect on and be constructively critical of your own projects.