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Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University

Agriculture Science and Technology

The agriculture science and technology curriculum at Mansarovar equips graduates with the transferrable skills necessary to carve out prosperous professions in various agronomic and scientific fields. The curriculum strikes a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application of particular laboratory skills required by companies. The program's primary emphasis is on these practical elements, which are developed and reinforced by incorporating real-world laboratory experiences. Integrative laboratory projects apply theory to practice to imitate a real-world experience. Students will gain from a distinctive integrated approach; obtaining a skill set recognized for use in a wide range of career prospects;

Contemporary Laboratories

A state-of-the-art agricultural science laboratory outfitted with the newest technologies and tools and designed to optimize the teaching and learning experience will be available to students beginning the Agriculture Science and Technology program. Community and Professional Partnerships Mansarovar Global University maintains excellent relationships with the community and is frequently chosen by organizations and facilities.

Mansarovar Experience

Our goal is to provide our students with the professional, technical, theoretical, and hands-on training they need to succeed in the field of agricultural science. Through a cooperative relationship between the students and the program, we aim to build learners who are prepared for the workforce upon graduation. The core skills are taught, developed, and reinforced throughout the curriculum. This curriculum creates graduates who can transfer into the workforce with assurance.

The private, state-of-the-art lab program places a strong emphasis on student learning and gives many possibilities to apply theoretical knowledge to practical experience in the field.

Over academic years, we replicate an internship-like experience to give students the fundamental knowledge and self-assurance they need to succeed in this industry. Our objective is that graduates will transfer into the workforce with confidence and skill in a career linked to their subject of study.

The Career

There is a huge demand for qualified expertise because of the broad scope of agricultural science application in altering biological systems for particular and advantageous societal functions.

Our curriculum equips students with the skills necessary to enter entry-level laboratory science positions in a variety of bio-based industries, including agriculture, bioinformatics, development and manufacturing, environmental assessment, food and beverage bioprocessing, health, medical diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical preparation, protection and remediation, related research and development, and testing industrial product analysis.

Faculty of Agriculture, Sehore come into existence with the establishment of the University in July 2018. The Faculty has established with aim to impart education, research and extension activities effectively for enhancing production, productivity and profitability of Agriculture and allied systems in a sustainable manner. The faculty engaged itself in all the three care activities of teaching, research and extension, which constitute the integrated system of education.

The focus approaches of the University are to increase the profitability of the farmer by efficient use of information technology and view and agriculture as industry model for proper marketing and lowering input cost to make agriculture economically viable. By sensitization we will promote cash crops; conservation agriculture with cost effective mechanization; protective cultivation in horticulture and value addition. The faculty will be built up expertise in different areas of Agriculture.

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